The company

Established in 1993, MSR is a private, independent company with its own manufacturing unit.

Based in Normandy, MSR designs, manufactures and market storage solutions made of 1st grade steels, wire, tubes and metal plate.

Our product development department is open to your needs always ready to grant you technical assistance, from the design stage to the actual execution of your projects. Our first priority and concern is to satisfy your demands in the shortest delays possible and to present you with the newest, metallic, best fitted and money saving.

Also, we can manufacture and provide logistic packaging and container systems.

Applicability fields :

  • laundry
  • food industry
  • distribution
  • wine storage containers
  • automotive industry
  • handling
  • recycling
  • storage
  • general industry

We are always ready to assist you with specialized studies and counseling from the prototype phase al through mass production.

Our products are standard or customized.

We draw up our own tender books or, alternatively, we observe all the specs you provide us with.

The reliability of our products is guaranteed through rigorous and continuous quality checks performed in each production stage.